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Breast augmentation is considered to be one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in the world, with many women opting for augmentation and other cosmetic procedures to help them achieve shapely cleavage. But, sadly, not all surgeries go well, and sometimes, even the surgeon fails to get it right. In which case the patient is left unhappy with the results, and more often than not, burdened by uncomfortable or unsightly complications. This sometimes happens when one chooses an inexperienced surgeon or if the body reacts unsatisfactory to the breast implant. If this is the case, breast revision surgery will need to be performed.

Furthermore, like other medical devices, breast implants have a certain life span as well, which means many patients that undergo a breast implant surgery are usually required to have another surgery to replace an aging implant or adjust the size of the breasts. This is also considered breast revision surgery, and is required even after achieving the best surgical results.

Countless women have been able to improve the size and shape of their breasts, giving them the confidence they need to wear the clothes they like and accentuate their figures. But, there are some women who find themselves still not satisfied with the results of their breast implant surgery.

With the help of the latest in medical technology and with a superb team of experienced professionals by his side, Baton Rouge cosmetic surgeon Dr. Taylor Theunissen can perform breast implant revision surgery that will help you achieve the level of comfort and appearance you wished to achieve from your first procedure and replace the implants.

By using both traditional and advanced techniques, Baton Rouge cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Taylor Theunissen is able to solve a number of problems.

Reasons for Breast Revision:

  • Implant Removal
  • Ruptured Implant
  • Capsular Contracture
  • Rippling of Breast or Implant
  • Double Bubble Implants
  • Change Breast Size

Ideal Candidates for Breast Revision with Dr. Theunissen:

  • Women dissatisfied with another surgeons previous work on their breasts
  • Women who are no longer satisfied with the size or shape of their previous augmentation
  • Women who have experienced discomfort with their previous breast augmentation
  • Women who have had a complication with a previous augmentation or implants

Correct previous surgeries with a Breast Revision

Can be performed in conjunction with other Procedures

Comfortable, Friendly Staff, Performed In-Office


Dr. Taylor Theunissen, Baton Rouge Plastic Surgeon for Breast Revision and Breast Implant revision surgery


As the name implies, a revision surgery is going to restore the look of your breast augmentation procedure. It is usually tailored in accordance to the needs and requirements of the patient, and could involve, scar tissue removal, replacement of the implants, breast lift for sagging breasts, insertion of a tissue matrix device that will act as an underwire for additional support, or any other surgery that could solve the source of the patient’s dissatisfaction.

When replacing the implants, Dr. Theunissen usually recommends a sub-muscular placement, or the placement of the implant right beneath the pectoral muscle for added advantage. This breast revision procedure is able to achieve the most natural-looking result. In other cases, implant replacement may also be combined with fat transfer in order to achieve the desired results. Those who are interested in a fat transfer procedure should:

  • Get a mammography prior to the procedure
  • Have enough breast tissue for the fat graft
  • Do a follow-up mammography as advised by the surgeon
  • Have enough body fat to carry out the procedure
  • Most of all, have realistic expectations


Breast revision surgery is carried out under general anesthesia. The time of the surgery itself may vary according to the procedures being carried out. Patients are usually advised to stay the night at the facility for monitoring. Patients may resume their daily routine after a couple of weeks, although it will take a few months for the results of the breast revision surgery to be noticeable.


The cost of a breast revision surgery starts at around $6,000 and may vary from patient to patient. It will also cost more if there is an implant replacement required, or if there are other additional procedures that need to be carried out in order to achieve the desired results. In cases where implants are a manufacturer’s defect, warranties may cover part or all of the surgical cost. Insurance does not typically cover breast revisions. Dr. Theunissen performs Breast Revisions, in Baton Rouge, in his state-of-the-art, In-Office O.R., with the support of experienced and licensed staff, which also includes a full-time Anesthesiologist to ensure optimal care for each patient.

•   Average Cost: $6,000 – $16,000

•   Recovery Time: 2-3 Weeks

•   Average Procedure Time: 3-4 Hours

•   Procedure Recovery Location: Out-Patient

•   Where: In-Office Operating Room

•   Insurance: Insurance does not cover Breast Revisions


The following are some of the breast revision procedures that are carried out by Baton Rouge cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Theunissen and his team.


Sometimes, after some time has passed after a breast augmentation procedure, a noticeable rippling can be noticed directly under or on the sides of the breasts. This is usually seen in patients who are thin or have low tissue volume on their chest. While this is not considered to be a complication per se, the unnatural wrinkling does make for an ugly appearance and at times, may also cause some discomfort. While breast rippling usually occurs with saline implants, a normal breast revision surgery can correct the issue.


Women who want to have a breast augmentation procedure do so to increase the size of their breasts, or make them look more shapely. However, there are cases where women are dissatisfied even after the augmentation procedure. In some cases, women who have gone through the augmentation procedure may decide to revert back to their previous size breasts and remove the implants altogether. There are also instances, where women have no choice but to revert to their normal breast size due to medical conditions that they develop after but is not related to the breast augmentation procedure. During a breast revision procedure, the implants are carefully removed and the skin over the breast is tightened to make it look more natural.


This is a serious condition and may result in complications. While the design and material used in breast implants have improved substantially, there are some instances where leakages occur or the implant shell breaks down with time. Although rare, these conditions are serious and is why a breast revision surgery may be needed as soon as possible to avoid any medical complications. This is why patients are often advised to get an MRI scan after regular intervals to make sure there are no ruptures in the implants. Normal self examination can also be sufficient to find out if the implants have been damaged.


Double bubble implants are the result of the implant moving out of its intended pocket. When this happens, a significant crease is visible, giving the illusion of a double breast. Implants that are not placed properly can sometimes extend past the crease or rise of the breast and form an odd shape at the top of the breast. Other times, breast implants are displaced due to severe capsular contracture, which is basically the tightening of the scar tissue. Since the condition is easily noticeable while wearing clothes, women opt for revision surgery as soon as its noticed.


Over time the tissues that are surrounding the implant can develop scars, which create a capsular contracture. This scar tissue then tightens as it surrounds the implant which causes displacement. When this occurs the patient may feel slight discomfort in the area and also severe hardening of the breasts. This condition can be treated with a capsulectomy. In this procedure, the scar tissue is removed surgically, and based on recent statistics, there are more chances of women going for a capsulectomy when using saline based implants as compared to breast augmentation surgery with silicone based implants.


Implants differ in size, shape and base. Even after the surgery, some women may feel unhappy with the results. In cases where a breast augmentation did not provide the desired results, women opt for a revision surgery to either make additional improvements or revert back to their original breast size. According to the preference of the patient, Baton Rouge cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Taylor Theunissen can carry out the revision surgery that offers the desired results to the patient. Since the sole purpose of our services is the satisfaction of our patients, all preferences will be considered to modify the augmented breast.

Dr. Taylor Theunissen and his staff are committed to providing the best results when it comes to breast revision surgery and other cosmetic procedures that can enhance a woman’s appearance and make her feel more confident, comfortable and sexier than ever before. From the initial consultation to the continued post surgery support, Baton Rouge Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Theunissen offers the very best in cosmetic surgery along with the professional care you deserve

After the revision surgery, a follow-up is usually recommended by Dr. Taylor Theunissen. During these prescribed follow-ups, the patient’s health will be evaluated along with the long-term results of the surgery.

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