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A lip augmentation procedure is a cosmetic procedure that allows people to get the fuller, more sensual looking lips. For this purpose, a lip augmentation procedure is carried out with the help of implants or dermal fillers that are used to plum up the lips and improve the appearance of one’s face. This is a great option for those people who have got thin lips and who wish to get more luscious and full lips instead. Baton Rouge cosmetic plastic surgeon, Dr. Taylor Theunissen, has a wide variety of options for lip fillers and implants which can work perfectly for patients of all lip types.

 Ideal Candidates for Lip Augmentation with Dr. Theunissen a Women Who:

  • Have genetically thin lips.
  • Notice age related decrease in Lip volume.
  • Wish to fill age-related creasing along the lip border to enhance their lipstick lines.

Increase your lip’s volume with Lip Augmentation.

Can be performed in conjunction with Facial Procedures

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Lip Augmentation Plastic Surgery in Baton Rouge | Dr. Taylor Theunissen


There are a wide variety of dermal fillers and lip implants that are available to accomplish lip augmentation procedure, and not all of these options are safe for every person. In order to get the results you want, Dr. Theunissen will go over all the options available including surgical and non-surgical options to make sure that you get the best results from the lip augmentation procedure. At our Baton Rouge, LA location, you get to take advantage of the experience and expertise of Dr. Theunissen and his well-mannered, efficient and qualified staff and nurses who are always on call to offer their support every step of the way.



A lip augmentation is a relatively simple procedure and normally takes around an hour or two to complete. The procedure begins by Dr. Theunissen making a small incision in the lips of the patient. These small incisions are made at the corner of the mouth and possibly elsewhere on the lips, which will mainly depend on the requirements of the patient. Dr. Theunissen will then look to create a very thin tunnel which will house the implant.

The making of this thin tunnel is extremely vital in order to ensure that the lip implant is placed evenly and correctly so that the look is more natural. Dr. Theunissen will then insert the implant carefully in the opening that’s created and thread it through the lip. In the end, the implant will be trimmed to the required length and the incisions will be sealed.

There are three implants that are used normally in order to carry out this procedure amongst others. Baton Rouge Plastic Surgeon Dr. Theunissen will recommend the right implant for your lip augmentation procedure.

  • GORE-TEX® lip implants have micropores through which the natural lip tissue grows, effectively making the implants part of the lip structure.
  • Ultrasoft lip implants are the next-generation version of SoftForm lip implants. The implants are also made from ePTFE, but have a tubular shape. This allows tissue ingrowth that reportedly provides better anchoring and lessens the chance of migration.
  • AlloDerm® is a human-tissue lip implant made from donated skin, hence id does not provoke any allergic reaction.

The use of Non-Surgical Lip Augmentation along with Fillers

For those who are looking forward to a less permanent procedure there is always the option of using fillers rather than lip implants. If that’s what the patient requires, Dr. Theunissen offers a wide variety of fillers for these patients including:

  • Bovine-Derived Collagen Fillers
  • Collagen-Based Lip Fillers
  • Fat Transfer / Fat Grafting
  • Human-Derived Collagen Fillers
  • Hyaluronic Acid-Based Lip Fillers

Baton Rouge Plastic Surgeon Dr. Theunissen and his qualified staff are committed to ensuring his patients achieve the best results from their cosmetic surgery by offering the highest level of professional care throughout the entire process, from the initial consultation to the procedure and on-going support.


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