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Has having kids ruined your body contours? Whether it’s stubborn fat deposits all over your body, saggy breasts or a flabby tummy, a woman’s body post-pregnancy can take a dramatic turn for the worst, which leaves many new moms wondering, “Where did those curves go?”  

If you are one of those mothers, then it is time you took advantage of all the rejuvenating contouring possibilities that Baton Rouge Plastic Surgeon Dr. Theunissen has to offer with a mommy makeover. This type of surgery typically involves a combination of breast and tummy-contouring procedures that are used to give back mom’s their pre-baby body. The surgery itself can combine several procedures, which are used to tone and lift a woman’s body post pregnancy.

The procedure that is used by Dr. Theunissen includes the tummy, hips, breasts, and the vaginal area. Physical and hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy can leave the body looking very different post pregnancy. You may find that your stomach is sagging, and that there’s no amount of diet or exercise that can fix it. A mommy makeover procedure can give you back that pre-baby look, and restore your body back to its beautiful, natural and healthy pre-baby state.

There are several treatments that may be involved in your mommy makeover. Some of those procedures include:

  • Breast Augmentation
  • Breast Lift
  • Liposuction
  • Tummy Tuck
  • Arm and Thigh Lift 
  • Facial Treatments
  • Vaginal Rejuvenation such as: Labiaplasty (Labia reduction), Vaginoplasty (vaginal wall tightening)

In order to improve the appearance of what child bearing can do to the female body, Baton Rouge, LA plastic surgeon, Dr. Taylor Theunissen performs full Mommy Makeovers to help women regain their pre-pregnancy body.

Ideal Candidates for a Mommy Makeover Procedure with Dr. Theunissen:

  • Women who have had children and are finished having children
  • Women who wish to repair child bearing effects on their body

Regain more youthful and tighter look with Mommy Makeover

Multiple procedures can be performed In Conjunction.

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Mommy Makeover Plastic Surgery in Baton Rouge, LA | Dr. Taylor Theunissen


The surgical techniques which are used during the mommy makeover varies from person to person, and usually depends on the requirements of the patient and their desired results. Some of the more common issues that women wish to correct post pregnancy are sagging breasts, loose skin around the abdomen and a flabby tummy. Many women also opt improve the appearance of their breasts due to a loss of breast volume. Some of the surgeries that may be used to improve the appearance of the breasts include breast augmentation, breast lift or even a breast reduction. For other women, a combination of techniques may be used to provide a woman with a more youthful look and improve their post pregnancy appearance. The most common example of using a combination of surgical procedures is a breast augmentation with a lift.  

When it comes to the lower body, surface irregularities and stretch marks are a common occurrence post pregnancy. This is coupled with pockets of fat that are deposited around the body. This issue is usually addressed by performing a liposuction and trimming away any excess fat, before tightening or ‘lifting’ the skin to improve the body’s contours.



The mommy makeover carried out by Baton Rouge Plastic Surgeon Dr. Theunissen covers a sizable area of the body. It is normally considered to be an invasive surgery and usually requires an overnight stay at the facility for monitoring post surgery. The procedure is carried out under general anesthesia and can take up to 3 hours or longer, to complete. The recovery period is a slow process but varies from person to person and usually depends on the amount of procedures that have been carried out and their extent. It can take between six months to a year before the patient experiences any noticeable change. Post surgery, some patients might find it hard to walk upright for the first few weeks.

Patients are advised to take is slow during the initial period of recovery to avoid any complications. While the recovery period after a mommy makeover may take a while, in most cases, patients are advised to return to their normal routine after three weeks. That being said, exercise or any strenuous activities such as lifting heavy objects are forbidden for at least 6 to 8 weeks post surgery.


The cost of a mommy makeover varies from patient to patient, and usually depends on the procedures that have been carried out during the surgery. The typical patient can expect to pay anywhere between $13,00 and $15,000. Insurance does not typically cover a mommy makeover. Dr. Theunissen performs the mommy makeover in Baton Rouge, in his state-of-the-art, In-Office O.R., with the support of experienced and licensed staff, which also includes a full-time Anesthesiologist to ensure optimal care for each patient.

•   Average Cost: $13,000 – $15,000

•   Recovery Time: 2-4 Weeks

•   Average Procedure Time: 4-6 Hours

•   Procedure Recovery Location: Out-Patient

•   Where: In-Office Operating Room

•   Insurance: Insurance does not typically cover a Mommy Makeover



Since there is a combination of procedures involved, a mommy makeover is usually considered to be an invasive procedure. Also, anytime there’s a combination of surgical procedures taking place, the possibilities of risks increases. This is the reason why it is crucial for women who want to go through the mommy makeover to understand that it takes skill to perform multiple procedures at a time, which is why in the hands of Baton Rouge Plastic Surgeon Dr. Theunissen, the risks are reduced greatly.


Since a pregnancy may compromise the results of the mommy makeover, it is usually advised for a pregnancy to be completed before the procedure is carried out. This is because during child birth, the stretching of skin is inevitable. Not to mention the uncontrollable weight gain. Mothers who are uncertain of whether or not they want more children should consult with their surgeon first prior to getting the mommy makeover. There are instances where another mommy makeover can be carried out if the patient has had a child after going through the procedure before. It is best for you to consult with your surgeon to figure out the best approach.


During the mommy makeover, the surgeon will use various techniques to tighten the skin and the underlying tissues, which will result in reduced stretch marks, or stretch marks that are less visible. Also, stretch marks can be reduced significantly once the excess skin has been removed, with the rest of the stretch marks being minimized with the help of post surgery skin rejuvenation treatments that will be advised by your surgeon.


While a mommy makeover can give you back those pre-baby curves, unfortunately, depending on the procedures, it may result in some scarring. These scars are common during a breast lift or any procedure, which includes the need of incisions to be made. While any scars that appear post surgery can be concealed with the help of undergarments, Baton Rouge Plastic Surgeon Dr. Theunissen, ensures that there will be minimum scarring after the mommy makeover. That being said, the amount of scarring depends on the level of cosmetic surgery required to get the desired results.

Dr. Theunissen and his qualified staff are committed to ensuring his patients achieve the best results from their cosmetic surgery by offering the highest level of professional care throughout the entire process, from the initial consultation to the procedure and on-going support.

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