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TDAP Reconstruction – Baton Rouge, Louisiana


The TDAP Free Flap is a reconstructive breast procedure that uses the skin and fat tissue from the upper back to reconstruct the breast after cancerous tissue is removed. This tissue donor area is located on the outer areas of the back, near the upper back and underarm areas where women often have extra fat tissue. The thoracodorsal artery is used as the blood supply to rejuvenate the reconstructed breast. Your physician, Dr. Theunissen, can perform the TDAP during the initial removal of the cancerous breast tissue or years down the road, post-mastectomy. With many reconstructive procedures the most commonly used back muscle, the latissimus dorsi muscle, is used to restore the breast. With Dr. Theunissen’s high level surgical skill in microsurgery, he is able to spare the latissimus dorsi muscle with the thoracodorsal flap surgery.  Therefore the TDAP is a muscle sparing surgery that uses the patients own autologous tissue while not sacrificing the vital thoracic muscles.


Back Fat Reduction Procedure – One of the best surgical reasons many women undergo the TDAP microsurgery in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with Dr. Taylor Theunissen is the benefit of the reduction in the brassiere area fat. Often times women do not have a lot of fatty tissue in this area so the TDAP may be best combined with a hybrid flap or with an implant reconstructive surgery. This will ultimately be decided on between the patient and their surgeons.

Natural Breast Look and Feel – Because it is an autologous tissue procedure, like the other microsurgeries Dr. Taylor Theunissen performs, the best results produce a more natural breast look and feel. The symmetrical appearance and feel that the microsurgical TDAP can produce is often times superior to implant reconstructions. Besides the natural look and feel, the TDAP Free Flap surgeries also enable a quicker recovery than muscle utilizing flaps by the fact that the patient gets to keep all of their muscle tissue. Additionally, the patient can also avoid implant complications if an implant is not needed or wanted with the thoracodorsal artery perforator procedure.

Enjoy The Benefits of a Slimmer Back

Can be performed Post and “Pre” Mastectomy

Faster Recovery with Muscle Sparing Microsurgery

TDAP Breast Restoration Plastic Surgery Baton Rouge - Dr. Taylor Theunissen



       •   The TDAP flap is one of most advanced forms of breast restoration surgeries

       •   The thoracodorsal artery perforator free flap uses the back’s skin and fat tissue for breast restorations

       •   The TDAP flap preserves all the of the patients abdominal muscles

       •   Nipple Tattooing is now available in-office for Dr. Theunissen’s patients

       •   Enjoy the added benefit of a “slimmer back” for less brassiere “bulge”

       •   Abdominal issues is low in comparison to TRAM Flaps.

       •   Vascularized Lymph Node transfer can be performed in conjunction to treat lymphedema

       •   Two talented microsurgeons will perform the procedure to ensure optimal results

       •   Dr. Theunissen’s success rate is higher than the national average, making him one of the top breast reconstructive surgeons in the Louisiana region

       •   To learn if you are a TDAP flap candidate or to schedule a consultation, please contact our Baton Rouge, Louisiana office here or call us at 225-218-6108


Breast Reconstruction - A.L., Facebook & Google Review

“I was referred to Dr. Theunissen by my oncologist Dr. Bowie. This was not a surgery I wanted to do but needed to do, and I had a lot of anxiety. He really eased my mind by answering all my questions. I trusted Dr. Theunissen & his staff to take care of everything, and I’m glad I did! I could not be more happy & healthier now!! :-))”

L.A., DIEP Breast Reconstruction, Facebook Review

“Dr. Theunissen performed a double breast reconstruction for me, and I have been very pleased with my care and the final results of my surgery. Dr. T knows his field extremely well and is a skilled surgeon and the nicest physician I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.” 

L. J., DIEP Breast Reconstruction, Facebook Review

“Dr. Theunissen is absolutely a brilliant surgeon! After complications with breast implants from previous double mastectomy and reconstruction performed by well-known surgeon in New Orleans, Dr. T spent several visits with me explaining Diep Flap procedure. I really did not want to have this surgery; however, it was my best option. I’m so thankful for Dr. Theunissen and his highly experienced staff! My results are fabulous! I smile every day when I think of what a challenge I was and how happy I am today! Oh, by the way, he discovered a small kidney cancer, which was evident on first CT scan at beginning of my cancer journey! He arranged for partial removal of kidney with a fabulous urologist in Baton Rouge. He absolutely saved my life. Dr. Theunissen did his job, God heals!!!”

C.O., Facebook Review

“My experience with Dr. Theunissen and his staff was exceptional. I had consulted with other groups for my procedure, but decided to travel outside of Lafayette based on his professionalism and attention. His follow-up made me feel that he truly cared about me and my outcome.”

N.S., Breast Augmentation Revision, Google Review

“Second plastic surgeon I have been to for breast augmentation. Answers any and all questions and makes you very comfortable. He did an amazing job repairing my previous surgery. I couldn’t be more happy with the results! His nursing and surgical staff are top notch!!” – Nicole Skrintney, Breast Augmentation Revision, Google Review

D.M., Google Review

“Dr. Theunissen is a wonderful and devoted doctor. His honesty and kindness are just a few details of the incredible bedside manner he has. He is complimented by the loving and knowledgeable staff that work for him. From the front desk, to his assistants, and the recovery nurses, he has a team that provides the best level of care any patient would hope for. I would highly recommend him to anyone.”

T.M., Facebook Review

“A generous and compassionate Doctor, great bedside manner”

Y.F., Facebook Review

“He’s excellent!! I appreciate Dr. T as well has his team for giving my son the best care possible.”

D.R., Brachioplasty, Facebook Review

“I had considered having my “wings” removed from my arms for years but after losing weight I knew it was time. Dr. T. was recommended by a former patient. All concerns were addressed during my consultation & I’m extremely pleased with my results. I have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Theunissen.”

L.C., Facebook Review

“I travel from Alexandria to Baton Rouge to see Dr. T, even for minor treatments such as Botox and/or fillers. In treating me, Dr. T has set the bar so high, I don’t even inquire about local doctors anymore. They just won’t measure up. Oh, I’m sure we have good doctors here, but Dr. T is great! You can trust Dr. T. He listens to your concerns and goes out of his way to see that you are happy. He instantly puts even the shyest person at ease. Let me not neglect to mention Dr. T’s phenomenal staff! He has the best nurse and reception area 🙂 Thank you, Dr T & Staff 🙂 Blessings, Lydia Cortello”

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